Ophthalmology is a major growth opportunity in the pharmaceutical industry

IPAC Pharmaceuticals is targeting two therapeutic areas in ophthalmology — dry eye and ocular pain — where significant unmet need exists, particularly in China/Asia.

The global eye care market is growing in size, however major pharmaceutical companies are reducing their internal R&D efforts, leaving a big gap in the development pipeline.

IPAC’s specific expertise is needed in this niche therapeutic area to develop the cutting-edge ocular products that patients are looking for.

The number of cases of eye surface conditions, such as dry eye, is increasing due to:

Aging population

Phone and computer screen use

Climate factors

Targeting two niche therapeutic areas

Developing treatments for eye surface conditions provides the possibility of lower clinical/regulatory risk and the potential for speediness to market.

Dry eye

Of unmet need in United States
Patients with dry eye disease in Japan and South Korea

Common side effects from current products on the market include:

  • Ocular burning

  • Eye irritation

  • Blurred vision

  • Eye pain

Ocular pain

Cataract Surgeries were performed in China in 2019
Estimated Cataract Surgeries in China by 2030
  • Currently, there are no topical analgesics available

  • Current treatment options are limited to NSAIDs which cannot be used for an extended period of time due to safety concerns

  • Oral opioids can be prescribed for acute relief of severe pain. Side effects associated with opiate use, including sedation, nausea, constipation, respiratory depression tolerance, and addiction, limit their use and are a serious cause for concern

Filling the gap in the pipeline

Major pharmaceutical eye care companies have significantly reduced their Research & Development (R&D) efforts in order to redirect resources to late stage mergers and acquisitions. This has created opportunity for early to mid-stage clinical companies to fill the gap in R&D, create robust product pipelines, and bring more innovative treatments to patients across the world.

Bringing innovation together

IPAC Pharmaceuticals was co-founded by Relativity Healthcare and IACTA Pharmaceuticals who’s mission is to develop cutting-edge eye care products. 

With a resolute emphasis on knowledge-based innovation, proven skills of individuals and unique partnerships, I think we are witnessing a new era in ophthalmic products.



The IPAC team is ready to

conquer these therapeutic areas