IC 265 is being developed for the treatment of dry eye

Dry eye disease (DED) is a chronic inflammatory condition affecting 26 million patients in Japan and South Korea.

IC 265 is being developed with the ability to significantly improve both the safety and efficacy of existing DED therapies.

In a Phase 2 conjunctival allergy challenge study, IC 265 demonstrated the following:

Fast acting

Takes 1 to 4 hours to reduce physiological responses

Well tolerated

Had no adverse effects reported relating to discomfort

Reduced redness

Was effective in reducing redness when dosed 8 hours prior to administration of allergy challenge

Reduced inflammation

Was effective in reducing inflammation demonstrated by confocal microscopy

IPAC’s R&D in action

IC 265 uses our SYK kinase inhibitor that is able to block multiple downstream signaling pathways leading to different ophthalmic ailments, including dry eye.

IC 265: Development strategy

Scientific and clinical validation

  • Completed Phase 2 in Conjunctival Allergen Challenge (CAC) model as proof of concept (POC) for ocular surface inflammation

  • Positive POC for ocular surface activity in reducing redness and demonstrated anti-inflammatory effect

  • IC 265 concentrations were found well tolerated in the Phase 2 study


  • Manufacturing clinical supplies for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Clinical Development

  • Open Investigational New Drug (IND) application with US FDA

  • Planned Phase 2 parallel-group study in dry eye patients

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